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The Fold Away Antenna is All Australian Designed and Built for better TV reception. Created Aussie tough for the Aussie environment, proudly built with our own hands here in Brisbane, Australia. The new Fold Away is designed to pickup horizontal and vertical polarized transmission both seperately and together .

Our patented Antenna has distributors in all States of Australia.  We credit our success on listening to our customers and delivering real quality and performance in the field of TV reception for caravans, RVs, Motor homes and all transportable buildings 

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Direct Connector

The latest technology to banish signal-sapping joints and bad connections forever!

This clever Aussie invention can be fitted to your van, converting several connections into one solid, weatherproof and bug proof connection for long lasting, high quality connections to your television every time.

Direct Connector is easy for any handyman to install and will ensure long term quality connections between your TV antenna and your TV in any mobile environment.

Foldaway is the antenna for every type of van and camper!