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Boost Your Reception with the 12 Volt Caravan TV Antenna Amplifier

Hitting the open road and exploring Australia in a caravan is a dream for many. And after a long day of travel, sometimes all you want to do is kick back and catch some TV. That’s where the Fold Away Antenna paired with the 12 Volt Amplifier come to great use.

Fold Away Antennas

The Fold Away Antenna isn’t your typical 12 volt caravan TV antenna. Made in Brisbane, it’s designed to handle the Aussie conditions. It’s reliable, simple, and, most importantly, gets the job done so you can focus on the TV.

What our customers say

“During a trip to South East QLD all other campers in the park struggled to establish a signal with their wizz bang satellites and antennas, they all resorted to visiting our Kombi to watch the footy. The Fold Away Antenna was the only one that got reception where we were.”

Why Every Free Camper Needs the 12 Volt Amplifier

Finding that perfect camp spot can sometimes mean TV signals aren’t the best. The 12 Volt Amplifier makes a world of difference in those situations. Designed especially for free campers, it helps boost your 12 volt caravan TV antenna signal in those tricky low signal areas. Just connect it to your Fold Away Antenna, and watch as your reception clears right up. And the best bit? It works wherever you’ve got 12 volts. Simple as that.

The Satking 35 Decibel Amplifier comes with a 12 volt power supply and a TV cable, so you’re all set from the get-go.

Effortless Installation

Setting up your 12 volt caravan TV antenna with the 12 Volt Amplifier is straightforward. Our detailed online guide here walks you through the process. Whether you’re a tech expert or someone just starting out, you’ll find it easy to get things running.

Fold Away Antenna’s Tech

The Fold Away Antenna, combined with the 12 Volt Amplifier, ensures your 12 volt caravan TV antenna experience is of the highest quality. Whether you’re near the beaches or in the outback, the antenna adjusts, giving you solid TV reception anywhere there is a signal.

Got questions about where in Australia your 12 volt caravan TV antenna will shine the most? Check out our location guide here to see where you’ll get the best signals.

Keeping Things Running Smooth

Good gear is gear that lasts. And our antenna and amplifier are no different. A bit of regular care and they’ll serve you well. Check connections, clean off any dirt, and you’re good. And if you need a hand, our online resources here are always there to help.


Do I always need the 12 Volt Amplifier?

Not always. But in those fringe areas where the signal might be weak, it’ll make all the difference.

Can I use the 12 Volt Amplifier with other antennas? While it’s optimised for the Fold Away Antenna, it’s versatile enough to boost signals for most antennas out there.

Why Choose Fold Away Antennas?

Choosing Fold Away is about getting quality, made for Australians, by Australians. While we may not have physical shops all over, our products are available online for everyone across the country. Our main goal? Making sure you get great TV reception on all your travels.

Traveling Australia in your caravan deserves the best gear, especially when it comes to TV. With the Fold Away Antennas and the 12 Volt Amplifier, you’re all set. No matter where you travel, we’ve got your TV needs sorted.

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