About Fold Away Antenna

We are Australian designed and built for better TV reception!

The Fold Away Antenna is All Australian Designed and Built for better TV reception!Created Aussie tough for the Aussie environment, proudly built with our own hands here in Brisbane, Australia. Our first PVC type Foldaway antenna was made in 1989 and it tested with excellent results all around Australia.

Television has changed a lot since those early days and the new Fold Away is designed to pickup horizontal and vertical polarized transmission of both analogue and digital television signals. Word of mouth saw us start out in mail order sales and I guess a lot of mouths were talking, because pretty soon companies were contacting us to be distributors of our product, hence our distribution network was formed.

We put a lot of miles on the clock over the years, traveling and promoting our antenna, at Caravan and Camping Shows. Being hard workers, we learned early that success is based on backbone, not wishbone. Our patented Antenna has distributors in all States of Australia. We credit our success on listening to our customers and delivering real quality and performance in the field of TV reception for caravans, RVs and motor homes. You can read some of the reviews from our happy customers by clicking on the About Us Icon/testimonials.

Foldaway Antenna Queensland