remote camping aerials

Camping Aerials for Freeview TV in Australia

With so many camping aerials for Freeview tv in Australia, how do you know which one is going to work for you on your travels?

Remote Camping Aerials

We’ve been successful in helping thousands of motor home, caravan and RV owners get great Freeview television reception on the Fold Away Antenna while out on their camping holidays to the most remote regions in Australia. Just have a look at the list and you’ll see that there are very few places where you cannot get Freeview television. This is just a sampling of the places where you can get tv with the Fold Away Antenna.
Alice Springs
Double Island Point
Port Augusta
Coffs Harbour
For really remote locations where good Freeview reception is patchy, you may need a signal amplifier. We have packages that include 12v amplifiers if you are using the power supply of your vehicle, or 240v if you are staying on the grid, at a camp ground for instance. You’ll be able to get a boost with one of these amplifiers, especially if there is a sports match you really want to see. 

With so many camping aerials for Freeview tv in Australia, you can narrow down your options and ensure you get to watch your programmes. Buy now and don’t leave home without your Fold Away Antenna.

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