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Finding A Suitable Reception With Your Fold Away Antenna

Remember that you are camping in some areas that have little to no signal so your choice of campsites will be important in these areas. If you camp in a hollow, hilly or timbered area this can affect your signal quality. Try to camp in an area with little or no obstructions that is flat or even elevated.

The best signal that you can get will be using a direct connection from the antenna to you Amplifier or T.V (where possible I recommend that on hard walled Vans you should use a Fold Away-Direct Connector, they simply cannot break down as other wall plugs are renowned for)

  1. Mount your Antenna to your vehicle in the 10 and 2 o’clock starting position
  2. Plug the antenna directly into your T.V and do an Auto Tune on DTV (digital T.V)
  3. The T.V should now tell you how many channels/stations you are receiving, it is now time to tweak the direction of your antenna if needed, this is done by simply lowering the lever in the clamp and rotating the antenna until the reception is found.
  4. Lift the lever to lock off the antenna and enjoy your favourite programs.
  5. If you cant find the signal you may have to adjust the arms-don’t stress this is a simple operation, first you should be able to see the T.V so you might have to take the antenna down, plug it into your T.V via the door perhaps then move the arms while rotating the antenna to find your happy spot. They could be set in any configuration at times, maybe 12 and 3 O’clock, 11 and 5 or even 12 and 6 in certain areas-what ever works is the go in this situation. But rest assured that if the T.V says you have signal then you will find it (maybe with your Amplifier, maybe without your Amplifier). Now you have found the happy spot attach the antenna to the vehicle again and enjoy.

If you are using your Amplifier;
Set it up behind the T.V, even cable tie it to the T.V through the attachment points on the back of the Amplifier-this way it is out of harm’s way-and when you want to move your T.V the Amp goes with it, I like watching T.V outside while relaxing so this is perfect for that scenario.

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