12V Caravan TV Booster – Get Clear TV

12V Caravan TV Booster – Get Clear TV


Suitable for:

  • Standard Fold Away Antenna
  • Tallboy Fold Away Antenna


Our 12v antenna booster is for those with free campers to will help improve your TV signal in those dodgy areas.


What does an amplifier do?

In the world of caravanning, maintaining a strong TV signal can make a big difference to your travels, especially when you’re going far from highly populated places where signals can often be weaker. This is where a 12v TV booster, particularly designed for caravans, can be useful.


A 12v caravan TV booster, or amplifier, acts as a link between your antenna and TV. It’s designed to amplify the TV signal. This device takes a weak signal and amplifies it, ensuring you get clearer digital channels, sharper pictures, and better sound quality.


It’s important to note that a 12v antenna booster won’t transform a bad quality signal into a good one; rather, it’s there to bolster a signal that’s good quality but not strong enough


Who needs an amplifier?

For those parked in remote areas or caravan parks where signals struggle, a 12v TV booster can make a big difference. It’s the ideal solution for campers who want to catch their favorite shows without the interference that often comes with remote locations.

If you’re travelling in any of the below and going to be in areas that might have a weaker signal, you should consider this 12V Caravan TV Booster

  • Caravans
  • Pop Top Caravans
  • Fold Out Camper Trailers
  • Hard Walled Camper Trailers
  • Slide on Campers
  • Hiace-Coaster Motor Homes
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • Smaller Camper Buses and more.


Key Features

  • 12V DC power
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • 12 volt Power supply
  • TV cable


“We used the Fold Away Antenna from the bottom if Victoria to Cooktown – No problems, easy to tune.”

David from Toowoomba


“We have had one for 4 years, never had any trouble tuning it. Is easy to install and dismantle, used it all over Australia and never any trouble. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Les and Trish from Gold Coast

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