Premium Caravan TV Antenna with Mast Support for Fold-Out Campers

Premium Caravan TV Antenna with Mast Support for Fold-Out Campers

Ideal for all Fold-out Canvas top Campers


Suitable Antenna for:

  • Soft Walled Camper Vans
  • Tilt-Up Camper Trailers


Enhance your travel experience with our Caravan TV Antenna Mast bundle that comes with a 2.1m high antenna, a 7m cable for extensive reach, and a Mast Support Kit.

For those with a soft walled fold out camper, this Caravan TV Antenna Mast bundle is essential. Our antennas are made to work better than regular TV aerials and the mast support is an aluminium pole that the antenna can then clip into when you have a caravan or camper with a soft wall and therefore nothing to screw it into. This means you can still catch your favourite shows.


2.1 metre mast height with a 7 metre cable, our kit is tailored for easy mounting on your soft walled camper. The Caravan TV Antenna Mast Support Kit not only aims to provide that additional reach necessitated by your vehicle’s taller design but is also dependable to withstand the Australian outdoors. It holds a 50 mm x 50 mm x 3 mm x 1.6 m aluminium angle to support your antenna. It weighs about 1.5 kg.


Made in Brisbane, our antennas receive both horizontal and vertical polarised transmissions, giving you great reception of both digital and analogue TV signals, making it a smart choice for your caravan entertainment system.


“We have been touring around from NSW through SA to the NT then back through Queensland, we have found the Fold Away Antenna to be very very good and am more than happy with the product. It gives a good reception. Good value for money.

John and Lola from Maryborough


“We used the Fold Away Antenna from the bottom if Victoria to Cooktown – no problems, easy to tune.”

David M from Toowoomba


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