Tallboy Antenna – Premier TV Aerial for Your Caravan

Tallboy Antenna – Premier TV Aerial for Your Caravan

Suits Your Taller Caravan Needs


Suitable Antenna for:

  • Wind up Camper Vans
  • Flip over Camper Trailers
  • Pop up Avans
  • Tall Motor Homes
  • Boat Racks and more


Reach higher with our Tallboy Antenna: 2.1m height and 7m of cable included.

When your caravan setup is a bit taller, like in many modern designs, our Tallboy Antenna is a great option. It’s designed to fit perfectly where a standard TV aerial for a caravan might fall short.


Standing tall at 2.1 meters with a generous 7-meter cable, this antenna is made for easy attachment and stable TV reception.

Our Tallboy Antenna is all about giving you that extra height to fit your caravan’s unique structure. Built in Brisbane, it’s sturdy and reliable for the Aussie outdoors.

It is designed to pick up horizontal and vertical polarized transmission of both analog and digital television signals.



The Fold Away Antenna is great; we have done 32,000kms in 2 years and if a signal is available we get TV. We have been to Yalara, Cooktown, and all along the Stuart Highway, we love it.”

David and Debbie from Newcastle


“We used the Fold Away Antenna from the bottom if Victoria to Cooktown – no problems, easy to tune.”

David M from Toowoomba


Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $169.00.