Best TV Antenna for Camping

Best TV Antenna for Camping

When you want the best tv antenna for camping you should be looking for a Fold Away Antenna to make sure you get to keep watching your favourite programmes away from home. Fold Away Antennas are very versatile and can be setup on almost any vehicle or camp shelter. It’s easy to fit the main pole and arms of the antenna once you’ve already installed the brackets and mounts. When it’s time to watch television it’s easy to pull the antenna out of the storage case, clip in the pole and thread the coax cable through the cable plate. 

You might think that a permanently installed antenna would be less hassle, but the Fold Away Antenna has been developed after years of trial and error and learning where the pain points of trying to watch tv on the road are. Considering that most portable aerials are based on the design of domestic aerials, they are subject to a lot more wear and tear than aerials that have been installed on a house. With all the jarring of travelling across country, combined with the buffeting in the air stream while travelling, and the stress on the cable joins, you can see why it’s hard to get fittings like tv aerials and antenna to last.

Camping Antennas

These camping antenna have to be designed and built tough to withstand the punishing conditions of travelling across the Australian and New Zealand countryside, which is why the Fold Away Antenna is safely tucked away when travelling. Even then the Fold Away Antenna has the simplest design and materials to do the job that usually lots of metal elements would do. Have a search online and see what is out there. Ugly and possibly dangerous. Would you really want to have a conventional television aerial with metal elements pointing skywards during a thunderstorm?

When you want the best tv antenna for camping, the Fold Away Antenna might just be what you need to watch television while you’re on the road. Buy yours now.

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