Which Caravan Antenna

Which of our caravan antennas is best for you?

Selecting the appropriate caravan antennas for your caravan or camper trailer can significantly elevate your travel experience. With the best TV antenna for your caravan, you can get Free to Air TV almost anywhere in Australia. At Fold Away Antennas, we take pride in offering Australia’s favourite caravan antennas, locally made in Queensland, Australia.

Standard Fold Away Antenna

Our standard caravan antenna is a practical choice for hard-walled and pop-top caravans. It stands at 1.6 m high and comes with 4 m of quad shield coaxial cable, providing exceptional reception even in low signal areas. When setting up your standard Fold Away Antenna, you’ll find its installation is intuitive and straightforward, see our step by step guide to installation here.

Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna

For wind up style campers, Avans, soft wall or flip over camper trailers, the Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna is a preferred choice. Its 2.1 m height and 7 m of cable grant you an additional 500 mm height compared to the standard antenna, ensuring optimal reception even when off the grid. For installation instructions, see our guide here.

The Best TV Antenna for Caravans

Best for:

  • Wind up style campers
  • Avans
  • Soft wall camper trailers
  • Flip over camper trailers
  • Jayco caravans
  • Coromal caravans
  • Goldstream RVs
  • Boat racks


The best tv antenna for caravans is our Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna. It’s 2.1 m in height and comes with 7 m of cable.

With a wind up style camper, the bottom bracket will be mounted close to the bottom of the van below the canvas on the side of the van. The Tall Boy gives you another 500 mm height compared to the standard antenna, so when mounting a Tall Boy you can still achieve 500 to 600 mm or 1 section of antenna mast above the roof line.

The Tall Boy Antenna is also perfect for flip over type (forward, side and rear fold) camper trailers as you will need the height to get above the peak of your canvas tent top. If you have a boat rack on your flip over soft wall trailer, then fit the mounts to the boat rack. For camper trailers (flip over/soft wall type) without a boat rack, using a Mast Support Kit is an efficient cost effective way to mount your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna.

As you will probably be camping off the grid in out of the way places – we recommend that you consider one of our 12 Volt Amplifiers to achieve a maximum potential of watching Free to Air TV whilst travelling Australia’s wonderful terrain. Only use the amplifier in marginal low signal areas.

A Direct Connector is also a great addition to bypass signal zapping corroded connections while keeping out the bugs. This ensures your best chance of a quality signal.  

The Best TV Antenna for Camper Trailers


Best for:

  • Hard walled camper trailers
  • Pop top camper trailers

The best tv antenna for camper trailers is our Standard Fold Away Antenna. Our standard antenna is 1.6 m high with 4 m of quad shield coaxial cable, suitable for lower caravans.

Our standard antenna is a reliable TV antenna for camper trailers. It can be easily fitted and provides excellent reception, making it a go to choice for many campers.

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Maximising Your Antenna's Performance

To ensure you get the most out of your Fold Away Antenna, consider investing in one of our 12 Volt Amplifiers. Especially useful in low signal areas, it guarantees a maximum potential of watching Free to Air TV. To eliminate potential signal interference caused by corrosion and to maintain a bug-free connection, you should also consider using a direct connector. This addition significantly increases your likelihood of maintaining a top-quality signal.

Choosing the right antenna for your caravan or camper trailer can truly make a difference to your travels. At Fold Away Antennas, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best TV antenna solutions for your unique needs, ensuring you stay entertained and connected no matter where your journey takes you.