Which Antenna

Which antenna gives the best TV reception on your caravan or RV?

Always use a silicone type product between the mounts and the van to waterproof the van and always turn of the power supply to your van.

Wind Up or Pop top style Campers use a Tall Boy Antenna

A Tall Boy Antenna is Perfect for use on  Jayco, Coromal, Goldstream Wind Up style Campers. Use the instructions above on your wind up style Camper to mount the antenna, due to the nature of your van the bottom bracket will be mounted under the canvas side of the van. The Tall Boy gives you another 500 mm height, so that when mounting you can still achieve 500 to 600 mm or 1 section above the roof line(as with all hard top vans) with a total length of about 2.1 meters.

The Tall Boy Antenna is also perfect for Flip over type  (Forward, Side and Rear Fold) Camper Trailers as you will need the height to get above the peak of you canvas tent top.                                                                                                                                                  A light-weight-Mast Support and Bracket for the Flip over Camper trailers (as above) is a popular Cost Effective way to mount your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna.

As you will probably be camping off the grid in out of the way places-we recommend that you consider one of our 12 Volt Amplifiers to  achieve a maximum potential of watching Free to Air TV whilst travelling Australia’s wonderful terrain. 

Camping Aerials for Freeview Television

Soft walled Camper Trailers


Use a Tall Boy Antenna.​

By using our Mast Support kit you can now mount your antenna with minimum effort. We have a new system in play to overcome the problem of fitting your Tall Boy Antenna to your soft walled Camper trailer. The canvas walls present an entirely different problem for anyone wishing to mount an antenna. We now use the Mast Support Kit along with a Tall Boy Antenna for this application.

Standard Caravans and Pop top caravans

Use a Standard Fold Away Antenna.

Fitting of the Fold Away Antenna to a hard walled caravan.

  1. Find a suitable location for your Antenna.
  2. Mount the top clip as high as possible on the van or on the pop top.
  3. Fit the bottom bracket so that the top join on the antenna is just above the top clip or so the arms of the antenna are about 60 cm or so above the top of the van. 

A Vans = Tall Boy Antenna with extra cable

  1. Find a suitable location for your Antenna (between the windows is a good area, some people like it on the rear of the Van)
  2. Put your Antenna together and plug it into your TV Via your Direct Connector or the wall socket. By having the Antenna plugged in you can see were the Antenna needs to be fitted easily.
  3. Mount the top clip on the side that locks in last parallel to the ground.
  4. Fit the bottom bracket so that the antenna is about 60 cm or so above the top peak of the van.

For further information Call Terry (that’s the boss) or Julia (she let him think he’s the boss) at the factory on 07 5492 8083 during business hours or send an email. Just let him know your needs and get the drum on the best poles to use, for your specific application.