How They Work

Caravan Antenna: How the Fold Away Antennas Work

Every caravan trip’s a mix of the wild unknown and a bit of homey comfort. While the open road’s got its call, there’s that itch to stay in the loop. That’s where the Fold Away Antenna steps up, a top pick among caravan antennas, making sure you’re always in touch with the world.

How They Work: What’s Behind the Fold Away Antenna

Caravanning in Australia’s vast landscapes demands an antenna that’s up to the task.

Take a look at the image below on the right. See how the top elements swing in an arc to cover every position of the clock? That covers any type of signal polarisation and digital signal.

Foldaway Antenna Queensland
Digital reception bars indicating optimal signal strength for Caravan antenna.

Optimal Reception

Whether you’re by the coast or venturing into the outback, this caravan antenna gives you the best shot at a clear, free-to-air TV connection, wherever a signal’s up for grabs.

Icon representing the Australian outdoors, perfect for the Caravan antenna.

Built for the Aussie Outdoors

Lightweight, sturdy, and rust-resistant, it’s designed to withstand the elements and the journey.

Signal Polarisation and Digital Signal

Different locations, different signals, but with the Fold Away, you’re always prepared.


Whether the signal is horizontal, vertical, or somewhere in between, this caravan antenna adjusts. Its elements swing full circle, ensuring optimal reception.

It’s not just about catching a signal; it’s about the technology that makes it possible:

Icon depicting 360-degree reception capability of the Caravan antenna.

360-Degree Reception

The antenna’s arms can be adjusted to any angle, promising a comprehensive signal pickup from all directions.

Caravan antenna page - clear path

A Clear Path

From the antenna arms, the signal travels through a high quality quad shield coaxial cable, delivering a clear picture to your TV.

Fold Away 12V Caravan TV Booster kit laid out.

Amplifying the Signal - The Fold Away Amplifier

In those remote spots where signals are faint, the Fold Away Amplifier steps up:

Signal Boost: This isn’t just a booster; it amplifies weak signals, ensuring clarity even in challenging terrains.

Top-Tier Technology: Our Satking Brand Amplifiers, with a strength of 35 decibels (double that used in most other systems on the market), offer unmatched amplification, making fuzzy screens a thing of the past. That means a far better retention of digital TV signal when you need it.

Fold Away Antenna Amplifiers come in either 12 volt or an AC/DC 240 volt power supply if required. If you specifically camp using only 12 volt (bush camping, beach camping, free camping) the 12 volt amplifier is a must have component- this gives you the flexibility of having both a system that work every were with a no fuss component for ease of use.

The Fold Away Antenna, with its technology and design, sets a new standard in a caravan antenna. It’s not just about watching TV; it’s about ensuring the best experience on every journey.

Ready for crystal-clear reception on your next caravan adventure? Explore Fold Away Antennas and experience the difference firsthand

Getting Your Caravan Antenna Up and Running in Four Simple Steps

  1. Give those antenna arms a good tighten, making sure they’re sturdy but still got some give.
  2. Position the arms to 10 and 2 on the clock face, then plug it straight into your telly or through your Amplifier.
  3. Hit the auto scan and see how many channels pop up on your screen.
  4. Need to tweak the direction? Aim your caravan antenna towards the repeater signal. And if the telly’s telling you there’s 20 channels but you’re not seeing them, adjust those element arms (best to take the antenna down for this). Once you’ve got a clear picture, hoist that antenna back up.


All set? Time to kick back and enjoy. Happy camping!

Using Your Smartphone or iPad to Boost Your Caravan Antenna Game

There are several apps and websites designed to help you pinpoint the nearest tower and understand the signal’s polarity (be it Horizontal <-> or Vertical ^^^).

Apps like ‘My switch’, ‘DVB-T Australia’, and ‘Antenna Mate’ are quite handy. They’ll show you how far you are from the closest tower, which way to point your caravan antenna, and the best polarity setting (Horizontal <-> or Vertical ^^^). Plus, they’ve got a compass feature, so you’ll know exactly which way to swing your antenna.

But don’t stress too much about finding the nearest tower, especially if you’re in a decent signal spot. Just setting the antenna arms to 10 and 2 on the clock usually gets the job done.

Setting Up Your Caravan Antenna

Start by positioning the antenna arms at 10 and 2 o’clock.

The Foldaway antenna stands out as a top choice for digital TV when you’re out camping or on the move. These antennas are designed to catch digital TV signals from any direction. Depending on where the signal’s coming from, you might need to adjust those arms. For horizontal signals, set them to 3 and 9 on the clock. Vertical signals? Go for 12 and 6. And if the signal’s somewhere in between, stick with the 10 and 2 setting or tweak it till you get the best reception. By adjusting the arms and giving the mast a turn, you’ve got a full 360-degree range, ensuring your TV gets the best signal possible.

Why You Might Need a Direct Connectors

Think about it: every time there’s a cut and join in the coaxial cable, you’re dropping about 2 decibels of your signal. That’s where Direct Connectors come into play. These little wonders provide a straight path for your signal, bypassing any unnecessary cuts. Not only do they ensure a stronger connection, but they also offer a seal that’s tight against water, bugs, and dust. Whether you’re plugging into an Amplifier or straight into your TV, using a Direct Connector ensures you’re getting the clearest signal possible, especially handy if your caravan’s got both external and internal plugs.

Sorting Out Your Caravan Antenna: A Troubleshooting Guide

  1. New Spot, New Tune
    Every time you shift your caravan to a new spot, give your TV a quick re-tune. Different areas, even if they’re close by, can have different frequencies.
  2. Keep That Cable Clean
    A bit of dirt or some corrosion on the cable fittings can muck up your signal. Regular checks can save you a headache. And if you want to sidestep these issues, plug the antenna straight into the Amplifier or TV. That’s where a Direct Connector really shines.
  3. Watch Out for Trees
    Big trees or obstacles can play havoc with your signal. If you’re struggling, try placing the antenna on the ground. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Just remember where you put it so it doesn’t end up under a tyre!
  4. Snowy Screen?
    If your picture’s more snowstorm than soap opera, you might be in a weak signal area. That’s when an Amplifier can be a lifesaver, boosting that signal. Don’t have one? Give us a bell or shoot us an email, and we’ll sort you out.
  5. No Signal Zones
    Yep, there are spots where the signal’s just not there. We like to call them “grab a book” or “pop in a DVD” spots.

Spare Parts - Keeping Your Caravan Antenna in Mint Condition

Had a bit of a mishap with your Foldaway Antenna? No dramas! We’ve got a stash of spare parts ready to go, and we’ve even thrown in online instructions to help you fix it up. Just give us a bell or shoot us an email, and we’ll get you sorted.