Tips for better TV reception using the amazing Fold Away Antenna

Fold Away antenna​ tips

1. Always start with the elements pointing at 2 and 10 o’clock, then if necessary, adjust for better reception. Point elements at 12 and 6 for vertical polarized signals or 9 and 3 for horizontal signals.

2. When you move, you must re-tune your TV to the local stations. e.g. Ch9 in Brisbane is on a different frequency to the Ch9 affiliate on the Sunshine Coast. Re-tune your TV each time you move. After tuning your digital TV, you may be able to fine tune your reception by using the signal strength or quality meter built into your TV. Poor signal quality usually relates to polarity, adjust the arms to suit the horizontal or vertical polarity. Consult your user manual to find your signal strength or quality meter. I find the best and easiest way to adjust the antenna find the signal direction is to take the anenna off the van adjust the two antennas while watching the TV until the best configeration is achieved-then put the antenna back up and tweek the direction.

3. Check the antenna plug on the outside of your van. Often Dirt, moisture and corrosion will affect the picture quality, they also fail periodically (A Direct Connector will not fail so is a better option). Check it by plugging the Fold Away directly into the TV set. If replacement is needed we strongly recommend a Direct Connector

Best TV Antenna for Camping

4. Trees and bushes will absorb incoming signals. This can be frustrating, but the Fold Away’s unique, patented, multi-polarization head, enables you to position it off the van, in any position under the tree, inverted, even horizontally on the ground, to source the best signal path.

5. When you are in an area with very low signal, our 35 DB amplifier from Fold Away will usually sort it out. Ask about this excellent accessory which simply plugs right in and can run on 12 or 240 Volt power.

6. There are places where a TV signal does not exist! These are commonly referred to as . . . “Read a Book Instead” Zones! or 2nd Honeymoon Zones!

7. Besides the coax outside the van, don’t forget to check the cable running inside, from the TV to the antenna plug. Often Dirt, moisture and corrosion on this lead will affect the picture quality. Check it by plugging the Foldaway direct into the TV set.

HERE’S THE BEST TIP FOR IMPROVING CONNECTION! Buy and install a Direct Connector

Trouble shooting guide

  1. When you move locations always re-tune your TV to the local stations that are available as each area will not use the same frequency even if they are close by each other.
  2. Check your cable regularly for dirt and corrosion in the fittings-these can effect the performance of your signal and therefore the TVs reception, to avoid problems like this always plug the antenna directly to the Amplifier or the TV (this is were the direct connector comes into its own) .
  3. Trees etc may obstruct and weaken signal strength try the antenna on the ground and even lay it on the ground as this sometimes is the antidote (remember were it is so that you don’t damage it).
  4. If the reception is pixilating and you cant pick up a good reception you may be in a poor signal area, this is were an Amplifier or Booster will be needed to pick up a better and stronger signal, if you don’t have an amplifier call or email us so that you can have one sent to you.
  5. There are unfortunately areas were there is no signal at all’-we like to refer to them as have another honeymoon areas, read a book areas or DVD time areas, sorry but we cant fix everything but maybe the honeymoon option just might. Happy Camping.