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Camping Antennas in New Zealand

Until recently it’s been quite unlikely that you would have found camping antennas in New Zealand quite like these. There’s a few out there, you’ll know when you see them, because there’s nothing else quite like the Fold Away Antenna. It’s portable, lightweight, and it really works. It’s not a permanent fixture on your motor home, caravan or R,V so unlike installed aerials the Fold Away Antenna won’t be an aerodynamic drag, and your aerial and mobile home will last longer without the added wear and tear.

The design of the Fold Away Antenna is so simple, put up the aerial when you want to watch terrestrial freeview television, take it down, fold it up and store it in the included storage canister when you pack up camp. If you install your Fold Away Antenna with one of our Direct Connectors then the aerial cable connects directly to your tv through the watertight cavity. If you decide to take the tv out and watch it outside you can move your Fold Away Antenna with it. Try doing that with a permanently fixed aerial.

Patchy Reception Fix

If you are finding reception patchy with your Fold Away Antenna then maybe you need a signal amplifier. You can buy a kit in 240 volt AC on-grid or 12 volt DC off-grid power options. This way you know you will get reception to a television no matter how faint the signal, even though the Fold Away Antenna can perform miracles for even the most difficult reception, sometimes when there’s no signal, you just have to accept that maybe a book or socialising with a neighbour is going to be the best way to spend your time.

Like we mentioned before, you won’t find camping antennas in New Zealand that are as versatile as Fold Away Antennas. No matter where you are in New Zealand, if there is a tv signal we can get it. Isn’t it time you got your Fold Away Antenna. Buy yours now.

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