easy to install camper trailer aerials

Easiest Camping Aerials to Install

These are the easiest camping aerials to install by yourself and get great results. The Fold Away Antenna has been designed to provide better free to air television reception when you are on the road camping. If you’re looking for the best tv reception for your caravan, RV or motor home, then the Foldaway Antenna is the perfect product for you.

These incredibly robust and durable aerials have been designed so you can tune into every digital and analogue television signal available. The extra long pole provides an optimal height for you to receive your tv signal and the pivoting arms at the top mean you can tweak the signal until you get the best signal.

Unless you are getting your aerial professionally installed how are you going to to know that the penetration of the caravan or motor home wall is going to to be weather tight and waterproof. With the Fold Away Antenna you get all the parts you need to make the installation a breeze and look great. 

To ensure the best signal make a hole in the wall where you will take the cable out of the caravan, then screw in the mount on the outside of the cabin. Mount the top and bottom brackets slightly to one side so that there is some clearance from the outlet, and then you’re done with fitting the mountings. All you have to do next is attach the Foldaway Antenna to the mounting brackets, and then thread through the cable from outside and attach it to the television. Adjust the arms to get the best picture and then relax. It’s all done.

Easiest Antenna to Install to Campervans

You’ll notice the cable outlet fitting comes with an attached plug for you to attach when the Foldaway Antenna is not being used. These are the easiest camping aerials to install by yourself and get great results. So if you are buying a new RV, caravan or motor home, then call us first or look us up online.

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