Camping Antennas in New Zealand

NZ Television Camping Aerial

If you’re looking for a NZ television camping aerial then you should consider the Fold Away Antenna. There are sleeker, more expensive products than the Fold Away Antenna, but this unique product hits the sweet spot when it comes to ease of installation and use. Unless you’re made of money, you probably don’t want to spend all your money on a pricey aerial that needs a specialist to install.

Remote Camping Aerials for New Zealand

The Fold Away Antenna comes in handy when it comes to watching television on your New Zealand camping trip. Designed and built from some of the most deceptively common materials and fittings, this aerial is robust and durable, with the coaxial cable made out of one piece. Spanning the length of the outer extrusions with a generous length to connect directly to your television, you can be assured that the Freeview signal will reach your tv at full strength. Other installed antennas, or aerials may have up to three connections before your tv gets a picture with up to 10dB of signal loss.

For remote camping locations where Freeview reception is patchy, you may need to add an amplifier to the setup. We have packages that include 12v amplifiers if you are using the power supply of your vehicle, or 240v if you are staying on the grid, at a camp ground for instance. If there is a signal to be captured, an amplifier will ensure you get a lock on the tv signal, otherwise it’s unlikely the area has any reception at all.
Stewart Island
This is the best NZ television camping aerial you can buy. Fold Away Antenna hits the sweet spot when it comes to ease of installation, ease of use, and durability, not just for the antenna and cabling, but also for your precious caravan, RV or motor home. Buy yours today!

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