Thank you, your order has been received!

Once you’ve received your order and set up your antenna, why not take a photo of your set up and send it to us? We love seeing our customers using our products!


Simply email your photo to sales@foldawayantenna.com.au



Wondering how long it will be until your antenna arrives? This can depend on where you’re located, although we ship the next business day, some areas can take longer to arrive. Here’s a rough guide depending on your location. 

Brisbane: 1-2 business days

East Coast Metropolitan Areas: 3-5 business days

Rural Areas: these can sometimes be longer, it depends on where you are

Western Australia: 7-10 business days

Of course, sometimes things can take a little longer. If you’re still waiting for your product in 14 business days, please reach out to us. 

Caravan in motion on a scenic route, showcasing mobility with aerials from our caravan aerials sale.