Australian camping antennas

Australian Television Camping Aerial

Everyone loves sitting down at the end of the day to unwind in front of the television, and even at the most remote camping destination. Our Australian television camping aerial is perhaps the best accessory you’ll come across to make this part of your evening a routine thing. The Fold Away Antenna is what any tv loving motorhome, caravan, campervan or RV owner needs.

Easy To Install Antenna for Camping in Australia

It’s a lightweight but effective aerial that will pick up most television channels in most places. It’s not just the great reception that makes the Fold Away Antenna such a popular product, the clever design ensures the antenna will go the distance. Easy to install, the antenna is constructed out of a parts list of very robust materials. The Fold Away Antenna is mounted only when it is in use, so while you’re on the road, it’s safely tucked away in the compact storage container that comes with the kit. While wear and tear is kept to a minimum, any parts that do need to be replaced are readily available from the manufacturer. It is very eco-friendly and is a product that should stay out of landfills for a very long time.

The design itself of the Fold Away Antenna is simple. All television signals are transmitted either horizontally (H) or vertically (V). This ‘signal polarisation’. means the Fold Away Antenna can be installed so that its elements can be adjusted to match the signal orientation — not just horizontally and vertically but any angle in between, depending on your campsite location. Also included is the direct connector that passes the cable through the cabin walls. A one piece cable from aerial to television ensures you get a clean signal to watch tv.

This camping aerial for freeview television is perhaps the best accessory you’ll come across that will enable you to watch tv almost anywhere. The Fold Away Antenna is perfect for any motor home, caravan or RV owner. Buy your Fold Away Antenna now, and may your tv be with you.

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