Camping Aerials for Freeview Television

Camping Aerials for Freeview Television in New Zealand

These camping aerials for freeview television in New Zealand are possibly the best value on the market. Road tested and proven in Australia for over two decades, the Fold Away Antenna is now ready to take NZ by storm. Make no doubt about it, these UHF aerial can pick up broadcasts in high definition whereas a satellite dish and receiver will not be high definition. The picture quality of satellite is very much softer and fuzzier.

New Zealand Camping Antennas

For most dedicated watchers of television, terrestrial freeview will be the most satisfying and in our case, the easiest to install and use. Because the Fold Away Antenna is not permanent, that is, it needs to be clipped into the mounts every time you want to setup camp there is no need to worry about low hanging branches when you’re passing under them in your RV or caravan. Nor do you have any aerodynamic drag when driving. All those extra fittings on your vehicle can increase the amount of gas you need for your trip and the cable joins can work loose, go rusty and corrode, or get plain dirty.

If you buy the whole Fold Away Antenna kit you get the Direct Connector included, along with the storage container, 6m cable, brackets and screws. This ingenious aerial is compatible with almost every kind of RV, motorhome, caravan or camper van, and should you require repairs, replacement parts are cheap and readily available too.

If your local RV or motorhome dealer doesn’t stock the Fold Away Antenna, then you can always drop us a line. Our credit card merchant facilities work just as well with NZ credit cards as they do with local ones. Generally, if you are travelling to a remote location and there is some line of sight to the television broadcast transmitters then it will be game on. For more distant locations we recommend getting the signal amplifier kit which comes in 12 volt DC for off-grid campers or 240 volt AC/DC on-grid users staying in the campground or with relatives. 

These camping aerials for freeview television in New Zealand are possibly the best value on the market. Don’t just sit there wondering. Order one now. You’ll be pleased you did.

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