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Camping Aerials for Free to Air TV

These camping aerials for free to air tv will have you up and running watching television in almost any Australian or New Zealand camping location. Whether you are on the grid or off the grid, the Fold Away Antenna is perfect for caravan, RV or campervan owners. The Fold Away Antenna is the perfect match for any digital Freeview Terrestrial television set top box.

Reviews – Great Camping Aerials

Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at all these rave recommendations:

Hi Terry, Antenna came today, and I’ve set it all up. Just went and tried it and it is perfect. Full 5 bar signal on every station and it is working with and without booster (only 1.6k from tower). Very happy with the product. Thanks mate I will highly recommend them. Old antenna must have been on way out.

During a trip to S/East Qld all other campers in the park struggled to establish a signal with their wizz bang satellites and antennas, they all resorted to visiting our Kombi to watch the footy. The Fold Away Antenna was the only reception where we were.

Have travelled in a Motor home and caravan for several years- from Adelaide to Darwin, up to the Daintree, accross to Camoweal, 3 Ways via Barkley Homestead and had excellent reception all way round.

Great antenna works well around Bathurst,Trunky, Parkes, Safala and Hill End areas.

A Great antenna for our area, we have been to Trunky, Parkes, Safala Hill End and more-never a problem getting a reception.

The Fold Away Antenna is Great, we have done 32,000 kms in 2 years and if a signal is available we get TV.
We have been to Yalara, Cooktown, and all along the Stuart Highway, we love it.
David and Debbie

After 7 years of buying expensive products and not being able to get reception-I now have a Fold Away Antenna and we never have an issue, so I bought a second unit to have in my car/they are Awesome, you can not go wrong with them.

Caravan park and got 105 channels Without their Amplifier. It suits their Australian Off Road Van perfectly, they couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the info and safe travels.
Bill and Helen

Hey guys we bought a Fold Away from you last year at the Brisbane camping show we have taken it from Streaky Bay to Kalgoorlie to Brunswick works a dream here’s a pic of our set up at Streaky Bay.
Matia + Chris

Noelene here-I just want to tell you how pleased we are with your Fold Away Antenna. We are camped on a farm in Wandai were the owners told us that there was no TV signal as they had to use Satellite TV. We got 30 channels using the Fold Away Antenna and your Amplifier. Thanks for selling a great product, Regards.

I’ve been to Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs, Across W.A, Kalgoolie, Lightning Ridge, Murgon etc – Love it – Great

Travaled from Toowoomba and am very happy.

We have been touring around from N.S.W through S.A to the N.T then back through Queensland, we have found the Fold Away Antenna to be Very Very Good and am more than happy with the product. It gives a good reception. Good Value for money.
John and Lola

These camping aerials for free to air tv will have you up and running watching television in almost any Australian or New Zealand camping location. If you are going camping or travelling any time soon, then the Fold Away Antenna is for you. Buy now.

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