Camping Aerials for Freeview Television

Camping Aerials for Freeview Television

These camping aerials for Freeview Television will keep you going while you are on the road. The Fold Away Antenna is the locally designed and built solution that has been serving free to air television to Australian campers for two decades. That’s a lot of cricket and episodes of Home and Away. 

The Fold Away Antenna is so ridiculously simple to install and setup that anyone who is handy with tools could do it. What’s more, setting up your television with the Fold Away is child`s play. Just get the unit out of the storage canister, connect the poles (just like tent poles) clip it into the fittings and plug it into your television. Turn the antenna and adjust the position of the arms until you get your programme signal. It couldn’t be easier.

Camping Antennas for Caravans and Camper Trailers

You may consider a permanently wired and installed antenna on your caravan or RV but we like to think that because of the nature of our design, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on your mobile home, especially when some of the aerials available are not exactly aerodynamically efficient. Also consider the connecting points of the cable are also under strain and subject to corrosion on the joins that have not been properly covered or sealed.

Which is why we came up with the Direct Connector. This ingenious little plug will enable you to feed your aerial cable out of your mobile home in one piece. Did you know that rusty and corroded cables and connections are the key reasons why people are unable to get decent tv signals from their camping equipment. The Direct Connector puts an end to wear and tear and the damage subjected by the the weather and harsh coastal conditions. When not in use, the Direct Connector has a plug to keep water, dust, dirt and unwanted guests out of your motor home, and the Fold Away Antenna is, er folded away, safe and snug in it’s travelling container. 

These camping aerials for Freeview Television will keep you going while you are on the road. So how about it? Don’t you think you better get a fold Away Antenna for your next camping holiday.

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