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Australian Dealers Wanted For Innovative Camping TV Antenna

If you’re in the business of selling RVs, caravans, motor homes or camper vans, then this is the perfect add-on sale. Doesn’t everyone want to take the creature comforts with them on holiday. This is a no-brainer, which is why we want Australian Dealers for this innovative camping tv antenna. The Fold Away Antenna has been years in the making, that made it’s debut in 1989 when analogue television was the only way to watch the news or the cricket. Celebrating our thirtieth birthday this year, we’ve seen a lot of changes with the way that television has been delivered to us, but the same essential technology has been the mainstay of the Fold Away Antenna all this time. It’s been good for analogue and miraculously, it’s been more than fine with the new digitally broadcast television.

Compact Camping Antennas

Over this time we’ve refined the design of the Fold Away Antenna to achieve the best reception in the most compact package possible. It’s an essential item for all campers and lovers of the great outdoors, whether your customers are proud RV, motor home, or tent owners we have a model for every application, but the beauty of our product line is, you don’t have to carry every kind of kit, you can keep all the essential items and then make up the kit as you get the orders. For instance the off-grid kit requires a 12 volt signal amplifier to add to the main kit, and likewise for an on-grid solution, you just need to add a 240 volt amplifier to the kit. And so it goes if someone wants to buy a mast support kit for their tent adventures. Too easy. 

When it comes to adding that extra sale that makes your customers happy, and fills out your bottom line then don’t you think it’s time to have a chat to us. 

Australian Dealers wanted for innovative camping tv antenna: the Fold Away Antenna. That’s you. Call now.

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