Direct Connector Fitting Instructions

Contents include;
Outer spout, inner trim fitting, plug on strap with O ring, Coaxial cable nozzle, O ring for nozzle, 4 x SS screws.
You will also need Turps, a rag, a 3 mm drill and a Phillips head screw driver or screw gun.

Tool Requirements:
25mm/1inch hole saw or a step drill to 25mm, 3 mm drill, Philips head screw driver or screw gun, good quality Silicone Adhesive (preferably White), Turps and a rag for clean-up.

  1. Make sure the electricity is not connected before you start fitting your Direct Connector
  2. Find an appropriate location away from power and obstructions (I like to fit it behind the T.V for convenience)
  3. When satisfied drill your 25mm/1inch hole drilling first from 1 side of the van then the other side of the van (this reduces chipping)
  4. On the outside of the van place the plug and strap over the outer spout, then lock the plug into the spout so that you know that you have it the correct way around.
  5. Apply enough silicone adhesive to seal off the spout, line up the holes in the housing of the spout and the strap accordingly, drill the 3mm holes then fix off with 2 of the Stainless Steel screws provided. Clean up with Turps and a rag.
  6. On the inside of the van fit the inner trim fitting using the silicone and 2 remaining screws, clean up with the turps and rag.
  7. It is now time to erect the antenna so that you can determine the length of coaxial cable you will require inside the van-when you get the appropriate length allow a bit more if possible then attach the nozzle with the narrow end of the nozzle closest to the antenna. When you are satisfied the nozzle is in the correct spot fill the 2 halves of the nozzle with silicone, snap them together over the coaxial cable and roll on the O ring, this will keep out bugs etc from your van (clean up with the turps and rag). Leave until the silicone sets before using it. The cable will now connect to your T.V through the wall giving you the best reception possible without any leaks, dust or bugs. Happy Camping.

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