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Antennae Mounting instructions For Your Wind-Up Camper Trailer

Follow these simple mounting instructions for your wind-up camper trailer.

(You will need a Tall Boy Antenna – perfect for your Camper Trailer)
Jayco, Coromal, Gold Stream etc.

Contents include
Antenna with 1 pole attached
2 x extension poles
1 x lock off pole
Top Clip
Bottom mount and 6x S.S screws
You will also need Turps and a rag
A 3 to 3.5mm drill and a Phillips head screw driver or screw gun.

Before you Start Mounting Your Wind Up Camper Trailer

When you receive your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna open the lid on the top by pulling the lid up with a pair of pliers or similar grips. Remove the staples then take the antenna, mounts and screws out of its tube.

Feed the Coaxial cable through the extension poles first then the lock off pole last-bringing the cable out of the slot just above the clamp. Now that the Antenna has been erected it is time to mount it onto your Camper Van/Trailer.

Step By Step Instructions to Mount your Wind Up Camper Trailer

Start by finding the best location on your camper van for it to be mounted. I like to mount it close to where the T.V is located. Wind up the top by about 10cm-now using a 3 to 3.5mm drill bit. Mark the holes for the top clip on the Pop Top.  Drill the 2 holes for the screws so that the top clip is horizontal.

Importantly apply a good quality silicone adhesive sealant. I like to use a white silicone or Sika Flex adhesive. Fix off with 2 of the 6 Stainless steel screws provided. Wipe off and clean up the excess glue with turps. Wind the top of the van all of the way up ready for the next step.

Mounting your Camper Trailer Antennae

To work out were to mount the bottom bracket. First clip the antenna onto the top clip. There is one section still above the van. Locate the bottom mount lifting the Antenna up about 50mm or 2 inches. Now the top pole will be slightly above the camper van. The antenna will be about 60 cm or 2 feet above the roof line. 

Place the bottom mount into the clamp and lock it off. When you are satisfied that the mast is vertical to the Camper Van/Trailer mark and drill the 4 holes. They will be below the canvas side of your camper van/trailer) for the bottom bracket. Once this has been completed fix the bottom bracket-again using the silicone sealant/adhesive. Fix off with the 4 remaining stainless steel screws. Finally wipe off and clean up the excess glue with turps and a rag.

Fine Tuning your Camper Trailer Antennae

Now that you have successfully mounted your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna you may find that the arms/elements may need to be tightened. These will stay in the 10 and 2 O’clock tuning position. Just tighten the arms so that they are firm enough to stay up but still move up and down freely.
See Finding a suitable Reception blog.

Packing up Tips

Remove the Antenna from the Campervan, fold the arms down, loosen the joints completely. The antenna will then concertina down. Hold the antenna with one hand while wrapping the coaxial cable length ways with the other hand. Finally place it back into the tube and secure the lid.

Also If you are camped in a fringe or low signal area you will need to purchase an amplifier. All of these products are available on our web site www.foldawayantenna.com.au and go to the SHOP NOW link.

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