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Mounting instructions for your Fold Out Canvas Tent Top Camper Trailer

Follow these simple mounting instructions for your fold out canvas tent top camper trailer. Perfect for forward fold, rear fold and side fold.

(You will need a Tall Boy Antenna and a Mast Support Kit)

Contents include
Antenna with 1 pole attached
2 x extension poles
1 x lock off pole
Top Clip
Bottom mount and 6x S.S screws
Mast Support
Pocket Bracket
4 x Screws

Camper Trailer Mounting Instructions

Before the Antenna mounting procedure erect your camper trailer so that you can mount the mast Support in a suitable location. You can mount this on any solid surface that is not impeded by the tent top or in the way off foot traffic i.e. kids heads etc.  I recommend in the centre of a tool box, inside of a spare tyre carrier or maybe the draw bar. If you mount it to the draw bar make sure that you mount it on the inside to avoid injury. The bottom of the bracket should be elevated about 10mm from the underside of the draw bar. This is so that it doesn’t get damaged or destroyed when travelling on uneven ground etc.

Installation Steps

When you receive your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna and Mast Support Kit start by opening the lid on the Antenna Tube. Do this by pulling the lid up with a pair of pliers or similar grips. Remove the staples then take the antenna, mounts and screws out of its tube. Next unpack your Mast Support kit and find a suitable spot to mount the pocket bracket as explained above.  Mark 4 holes suitable to the situation and pre-drill with a 3 to 3.5 mm drill bit Apply a good quality silicone adhesive sealant between the Pocket Bracket and the mounting surface to avoid leaks and dust penetration. Fix off using the 4 tech screws provided, clean off the excess glue with turps on a rag. Trim the screws flush if they are accessible to avoid future injury (I can’t emphasize trimming the screws enough).

Next fit the top clip and bottom bracket to the Mast support pole to the holes. These have been factory pre-drilled and again trim the screws flush to avoid injury .(I can’t emphasize trimming the screws enough).

Assembling your Tall Boy Antenna

Feed the Coaxial cable through the extension poles first then the lock off pole last-bringing the cable out of the slot just above the clamp. Now that the Antenna has been erected it is time to mount it to your mast support pole. Place it into the pocket Bracket completing the mounting procedure.

Fine Tuning Your Camper Trailer Antennae

Now that you have successfully mounted your Tall Boy Fold Away Antenna you may find that the arms/elements may need to be tightened. They will stay in the 10 and 2 o’clock tuning position. Tighten the arms so that they are firm enough to stay up but still move up and down freely.

Mast Storage Tip

Your mast support pole should live on the bed so that the antenna brackets don’t get damaged when you fold out your camper place the pole into the pocket bracket.  It is out of the way while you are setting up camp. When you have set up camp and want to watch TV you will be ready to erect the antenna.

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Antenna packing up Tip;
Remove the Antenna from the Camper Trailers Mast support kit and fold the arms down. Loosen the joints completely and the antenna will then concertina down.  Hold the antenna with one hand while wrapping the coaxial cable length ways with the other hand, place it back into the tube, secure the lid.

Reception Tips;
See Finding a suitable Reception blog.

Also If you are camped in a fringe or low signal area you will need to purchase an amplifier, all of these products are available on our web site www.foldawayantenna.com.au and go to the SHOP NOW link.

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