Standard Portable Antenna – Compact 1.6m with 4m Cable

Standard Portable Antenna – Compact 1.6m with 4m Cable


Suitable Antenna for:

  • Caravans
  • Pop Top Caravans
  • Pop Top Camper Trailers
  • Hard Walled Camper Trailers
  • Slide on Campers
  • Hiace-Coaster Motor Homes
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • Smaller Camper Buses and more.


Our Standard Portable Antenna is practical, easy to set up (can be done in 1 minute) and will get you high quality TV reception wherever there is a signal.


Mast height 1.6 m and coax cable 4 meters.

The Fold Away Antenna is made and designed in Australia and built for better TV reception. Created Aussie tough for the Aussie environment, proudly built in Brisbane.

Our Standard Portable Antenna is 1.6m high with 4m of quad shield coaxial cable. It is designed to pick up horizontal and vertical polarised transmission of both analog and digital television signals.



“We have been touring around from NSW through SA to the NT then back through Queensland, we have found the Fold Away Antenna to be very very good and am more than happy with the product. It gives a good reception. Good value for money.”

John and Lola from Albury


“We have had a Fold Away Antenna for 2 years and love it. Very compact and light weight. We traveled from Brisbane to Darwin using it with their 32BD Amplifier, we traveled to Coober Pedy, Ayres Rock, Kings Canyon, Kunnurra and didn’t have any trouble in any of these places with reception. I would highly recommend buying one.”

Julitha from Townsville

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